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Our Mission

Cultivate academic success so that our students become lifelong learners, innovators, and contributors to society.

From Our Community

Thank You Teachers Flag

"Serahphina comes home frequently speaking highly of Mrs. Montoya and how much she has helped her learn new things."

Thank You Teachers Flag

"Mrs. Romano has been a wonderful teacher for my son this year. Have zero complaints whatsoever and she has been so kind and flexible with any assistance we ask of her. She has been incredible. "

Thank You Teachers Flag

"My son, Connor, is in Mrs. McGuire's K class. He's our first born, so this is our first experience with Kindergarten, but we cannot imagine another teaching coming close to Mrs. McGuire. She's so good with all the students and goes above and beyond for her class. Did you see that mess Snowy made in class?! Connor loves coming to school because of the environment she's created in her classroom. He's learning too, his counting and word recognition improves every week."

Thank You Teachers Flag

"Mrs. Cork, Ms. Reynolds, Mrs. Oliveri, Mrs. Midgett, Ms. Heather, and Mrs. Phillips. All of them are amazing and have helped my two pre-schoolers make so much growth. They are patient and take time to make sure all of their needs are met at school (sensory and emotional especially). I cannot thank them enough!!!"

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